Chris Brown Calls Out People Who 'Still Hate' Him

Chris Brown Calls Out People Who 'Still Hate' Him

Chris Brown is calling out people for still bringing up the time he beat Rihanna up 14 years ago.

Proving that it never forgets, the internet is resurfacing the brutal domestic assault amidst recent news that Brown will be collaborating with Chloé Bailey, one part of the Grammy-nominated duo Chloe x Halle, on her new single, "How Does It Feel." After Bailey announced the news, she was beset with criticism from those who felt she was helping rehabilitate Brown's image.

As social media users voiced their disapproval, Brown angrily took to Instagram Stories on Friday to hit back, saying, "'If yall still hate me for a mistake I made as a 17year old please kiss my whole entire ass! I'm f*ckin g 33! I'm so tired of yall running wit this narrative."

The 33-year-old took aim in particular at former 3LW and Cheetah Girls member Kiely Williams, who had tweeted critically of him, saying, "Let him come out with his own record—so genius, so captivating that it makes us all forget HE BEATS WOMEN. He can’t so he wont. So what does he do? He slowly creeps back into the mainstream by getting small nods for features on Black Women’s merit."

"Black women who are more talented, more worthy, but give him the okay," Williams added. In response, Brown posted a meme of Williams' face suggesting that she had a lisp.

After coming for Williams, Brown went on to call out a long list of mostly male, white celebrities — including Sean Penn, Ozzy Osbourne, Mel Gibson, Slash, Charlie Sheen, and Emma Roberts — who have been accused of domestic violence. "Where are the cancel culture with these white artist that date underage women, beat the f*ck out their wives, giving b*tches AIDS," he wrote alongside the images.

It's worth noting that while Brown makes a point about a double standard for white celebrities, that does not negate the fact that after assaulting Rihanna in 2009, he went on to face allegations of abuse from his next girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, who in 2017 secured a restraining order after Brown threatened to "kill her." And as recently as last year, he was sued for drugging and raping a woman on a yacht in 2022.

Plus, despite Brown's cries about "cancel culture," he kicked off his Instagram rant by posting a number of videos of fans and crowd at his shows, suggesting that he continues to sell out stadiums and draw audiences.

As Williams noted in her tweet, Bailey is not the first female artist to face backlash for associating with Brown. Kelly Rowland recently drew criticism for shushing Brown's critics at the AMA's, while Lizzo raised eyebrows when she said he was her "favorite person."

Artists who have worked with Brown have found themselves in even hotter water — including Ella Mai, Tinashe, Summer Walker, and H.E.R., who have all featured him on songs, as well as Normani, who made a cameo in the video of his 2022 song "We (We Embrace)." And that's not to mention the long list of male artists — from Drake to Future and Kendrick Lamar — who have likewise collaborated with him.

See what Twitter users had to say about the whole ordeal below, with commentary divided among those criticizing Bailey, those pointing out the long list of artists Brown has collaborated with, and those saying they plan to listen to the song either way.

Photo via Getty Images / Scott Dudelson