Lisa Rinna Talks NYFW, Brooklyn and Those M&M Memes

Lisa Rinna Talks NYFW, Brooklyn and Those M&M Memes

Lisa Rinna makes everything more fun. That’s why we were so happy she came to town for New York Fashion Week. We called up the actress/Real Housewives star/beauty mogul to hear what she’s been up to this week in NYC.

How has your Fashion Week been?

It’s been really fun, I love Fashion Week! You don’t always love it, but I think this time, because of COVID and because everybody’s back and excited to be in a room full of people without masks on, the energy feels good.

You had a pretty fabulous look on at Michael Kors this morning.

Did I? I must say so myself, it was pretty darn iconic! [Laughs]

How did you pick the look?

I prefer to go to the showroom as opposed to them sending me stuff, so I went to the showroom the other day and they had probably four or five outfits lined up. This was the first one and they were hoping I’d like that one the best. I put it on and it was a no-brainer.

On the other side of the spectrum is the Tommy Hilfiger Show. It was great that you were there to support Amelia in the show, but what was it like being in the pouring rain for fashion?

I gotta say, it was really something and it was pretty iconic. I don’t think anyone will ever forget it because it was pouring rain, and Harry [Hamlin] and I were so worried about all the models because the runway was literally foil and paint. At one point, they had all these people trying to sweep the water off and trying to dry it off with paper towels. Obviously, it was a lost cause because it was like a monsoon!

The thing that was so great about it, though, was that everybody just leaned into it. It was like, this is what it is! It’s Tommy. I love Tommy and I’ve supported him for many years, but he is the king of reinvention. He’s the king of taking something and making it into something better, so I thought to myself as we were all sitting there literally in the rain for an hour, "This is going to be iconic, this is going to be amazing," and I think was.

When you see your daughters modeling, are you nervous? Are you excited? Is it both?

I’m excited, to be honest. They’re nervous always, I think. I’m excited and beyond proud, and so is Harry. It’s so full circle for us. I don’t know if you know the history of our family with Tommy. About 21 years ago, Harry, myself and Delilah Belle were in the Tommy Hilfiger fashion show and Delilah was on Harry’s shoulders. I think you can probably find a photo. Tommy’s been very supportive. So cut to six years ago, Delilah walked Tommy’s show here in New York City. Cut to now, Amelia Gray walks Tommy’s show, so it’s a very full circle moment for our family and we’re just so proud. How cool is that!

Very cool! Now, you modeled yourself in the Priscavera show this season. I think it was in Bushwick, deep in Brooklyn. Had you ever been that far in Brooklyn before?

It was deep! When we were at Tommy’s show, that was pretty deep in Brooklyn. I think this was deeper. This was further... I’d never been... no. First time. Absolutely first time for the show and everything. It was a first in many ways.

What made you decide to say yes when they asked you?

I’ll tell you why. The casting director Madeleine [Østlie] put Amelia on the map, basically — kind of picked her out of obscurity and put her in a really great show. I believe it was London. I can’t remember exactly what. But when they reached out to me, Amelia said, "Madeleine wants you to walk the show." I said, "Absolutely." I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know anything about anything. Because she’s been such a champion and supporter of Amelia, I said "yes" because to me this whole business is about relationships. I’m so glad I did it. Some people were saying, “I’m not sure you should do it. We don’t know what you’re doing.” And I went, "No, I need to do this," and it turned out to be way more fabulous than anyone expected or imagined.

It was a very you kind of a look. I mean, that dress… I feel like you have old Gucci dresses like that in your garage.

Well, I do! I have the Tom Ford for Gucci 1996 dress and it’s very similar. When I went to the fitting and once I’d got there, she pulled out that dress, I was like, "Oh, wow!" Put it on, didn’t have to touch that dress. I mean, they did take a little tiny bit off the bottom so I wouldn’t fall as I walked, but that dress was absolutely a sample that I put on. The fabric was pretty amazing.

Here at PAPER,we’re obsessed with these Lisa Rinna M&M memes. Have you been seeing these?

Could you tell me about them, cause I’ve only seen them for bits and pieces but I don’t quite understand it. Why all of a sudden?

I don’t understand it myself, but someone shared a Twitter thread that had all of them on it. I think it’s just cause people love you and like M&Ms. I don’t really understand it.

I don’t understand it, but I think it’s hilarious. And listen, I’ll take it!

Maybe you could do a beauty collaboration with M&Ms and Rinna Beauty.

I’m all for it! I’ll do another. I mean, it’s about time for another one, right? I love doing beauty collabs.

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Priscavera photos courtesy of the brand
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