Lil Yachty Went 21 Years Without Trying Hot Sauce

Lil Yachty Went 21 Years Without Trying Hot Sauce

Atlanta rapper, Lil Yachty, is known, aside from his chart-topping raps, for his peculiar diet. Having confessed to never having eaten a fruit or a vegetable in favor of pizza, corndogs, and chicken nuggets, Yachty seldom strays from the strict regimen but for Sean Evans' Hot Ones, he decided to make an exception.

Admitting that he hadn't ever had hot sauce up until his appearance on the interview-based show, Yachty told Evans that he was always curious about condiment. "Growing up I used to wonder, 'If I touched it, was it hot?'" Yachty mused "I didn't know if it was an on-tongue situation or in-the-throat situation, I just never knew."

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For those not familiar, Hot Ones' show structure is based around guests eating a progressively hotter series of hot sauces dabbed on chicken tenders and then answering questions about their careers, ongoing projects, or personal lives while feeling the heat. Its a daunting challenge for even the most seasoned veteran but the virginal Yachty was game to throw himself into the proverbial deep end. How bad could it be?

"You ever seen a cartoon where you see the steam come out of their nose," Yachty says after getting a couple tenders in, tongue hanging out of his mouth, trying to cool off. Like Icarus who flew a little too close to the sun, Yachty taps out after making it eight tenders in telling Evans, "you gotta be fucked up if you think I'm finishing," between gulps of water and licks of ice cream. While its likely that getting burned will make this Yachty's only experience with the Devil's ketchup, you've got to applaud the rapper for not half-assing it.

Watch Lil Yacthy's first time trying hot sauce on Hot Ones, in full, below:

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