Lil Yachty Says He Was Racially Profiled

Lil Yachty Says He Was Racially Profiled

By Katie Skinner

Lil Yachty was pulled over by a police officer while driving in Georgia yesterday (September 4) and he believes that the stop was racially motivated.

The Atlanta-bred rapper disclosed via Twitter that he was stopped by a white officer though he "didn't do anything wrong." An obviously shocked Yachty explained that he was flagged down because the officer assumed that he was driving a stolen car.

"Wow a white cop really just pulled me over just to ask me for the bill of sale on my car because he didn't believe it was mine. Wtf," Yachty tweeted. Shortly after he followed up with a tweet stating, "I didn't do anything wrong. He literally just doesn't believe it's my car. Shit is crazy."

The traffic stop ended, luckily, with an exchange of evidence of ownership for the sports car and Yachty driving off without a ticket to pay.

The rapper is currently riding the wave of success that came with the release of his second album Who Want That Smoke that he had recently dropped last July. He's currently residing in his native Atlanta, where he's been prepping for his upcoming "Disrespect Tour" in October, which kicks off in Baltimore, Maryland and finishes in Santa Cruz, California on November 28th.

Photo by Pieter Henket