Lil Nas X's Wardrobe Is His Own Worst Enemy

Lil Nas X's Wardrobe Is His Own Worst Enemy

If Lil Nas X has learned anything over the course of his musical career thus far, it's how to handle a wardrobe malfunction.

The rapper/pop star has had a long history of turning looks both on the red carpet and on stage whether he's wearing Jean Paul Gaultier or absolutely nothing at all, but not all of them have necessarily turned heads for all the right reasons. Perhaps you might remember the ill-fated SNL performance which saw Lil Nas X famously split his pants while dropping it low on a stripper pole. It was a memorable moment to say the least, but it would be far from the last time Lil Nas X had to wrestle with a wardrobe malfunction.

Over the weekend, the Grammy-nominated artist was performing in Fort Lauderdale at the Audacy Beach Festival when a routine went south. In a clip the artist shared himself, Lil Nas can be seen shuffling, holding up a pink metallic skirt that appears to have come undone before tripping and falling backwards onto his ass.

No stranger to trolls even if he's on the receiving end, Lil Nas X leaned into the mishap sharing the clip on Twitter, commenting “the universe was determined to embarrass me yesterday lmao." Suffice to say Lil Nas X fans, well used to his antics at this point, weren't feeling the secondhand embarrassment as much as they were the thirst.

Photo via Getty/ GIORGIO VIERA/ AFP