Lil Nas X Rips His Pants on 'SNL'

Lil Nas X Rips His Pants on 'SNL'

For the season finale of Saturday Night Live, Anya Taylor-Joy hosted the show with Lil Nas X as the musical guest. He performed his hit single "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)." And it was definitely a showstopper for a lot of reasons, including a wardrobe malfunction.

Nas X was wearing a leather outfit adorned with flames. The SNL stage transformed into hell and, of course, he had to have a pole on stage for full effect. With him and the backup dancers all moving in sync to Sean Bankhead's choreography, it was a feast for the eyes. A particularly iconic sensual moment was when one of the dancers licked the artist's neck.

But what really made this performance memorable was that near the end of the song, the singer ripped his leather pants. After thrusting and dropping it low on the pole, Nas X stood and looked startled while looking down at his pants. He then covered his crotch for the remainder of the set but didn't let it faze him too much.

The next day after the show aired, the rapper confirmed what had happened. He tweeted, "i know i do a lot of planned shit but ripping my pants on live television is not one of them."

And, as it turns out, this wasn't the only unplanned disaster that happened related to the performance. Nas X shared that he was afraid of performing in the first place. And after 2 weeks of rehearsals with the dancers, they had to switch them all out last-minute because of one positive Covid test. "All of the dancers got removed because one had covid and new ones had to learn the routine in 24 hours, and then i ended up ripping my pants and couldn't finish," he continued in another tweet. "Everything happens for a reason tho lol."

Watch Lil Nas X's full SNL live performance of "MONTERO" below.

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