Lil Nas X Won't Mention Nicki Minaj Anymore After Backlash

Lil Nas X Won't Mention Nicki Minaj Anymore After Backlash

A new controversy has Lil Nas X saying he'll never mention Nicki Minaj in his music again.

Earlier today, the star released a touching music video for his new single "Sun Goes Down," in which he helps his high school self through struggles with suicidal thoughts and staying silent about his sexuality. Not only that, but at the end of the song, he also references the rap icon by talking about her music helping him navigate this dark time in his life, singing, "I'd be by the phone / Stanning Nicki mornin' into dawn / Only place I felt like I belonged / Strangers make you feel so loved, you know?"

However, it now turns out that LNX's nod ended up rubbing a few Barbz the wrong way, especially given a scene from the video in which he can be seen tweeting a joke from his rumored Nicki stan account @nasmaraj.

As a result, Barbz began accusing the "Montero" singer of continually using her name for "trolling & clout chasing using Nicki Minaj and her fans" shortly after the video's release, before talking about how he denied being a fan during the "Nicki hate train era."

And though Nicki herself made it clear that there were no hard feelings, some stans started retweeting a viral thread about past tweets he supposedly made about her abortion, as well as problematic comments he allegedly made toward other female musicians under the banner of being a Barb.

In response to the backlash though, LNX took to Twitter to address the accusations, explaining that he understood "how it looks so I will no longer mention her."

"To the Barbz who feel I'm using Nicki's name for attention, the song I released last night was recorded last year," he wrote. "It's about my life, which 6 of those years were dedicated to Nicki. It's no fake love."

Subsequently, his tweet was met by a number of supportive posts from those asking why Barbz were "mad that a Barb is supporting."

However, the backlash has also since continued on amongst skeptical Nicki stans who are now accusing him of not being a "real fan" if he was letting others "stop u from fkn with an artist u claim u love."

Lil Nas X has yet to respond to the follow-up comments.

Photo via Getty / Dave J Hogan