Lamar Odom Announces 'Sex, Drugs & Kardashians' Documentary

Lamar Odom Announces 'Sex, Drugs & Kardashians' Documentary

Khloe Kardashian has new ex drama, and this time it’s not with Tristan Thompson. The ghost of husband past, Lamar Odom, came crawling out of the woodwork to announce a new documentary titled, Sex, Drugs & Kardashians.

Odom shared an Instagram post announcing the documentary with one of the most bizarre movie posters of all time, featuring Lamar and Khloe’s disembodied heads beneath shattered glass under its title. It does feel like it's 2013 again.

In classic early aughts fashion, the reality star and basketball player got married nine days after their engagement in 2009. Their whirlwind romance ended in 2013 and they filed for divorce, though the split was not official until 2016.

But it’s not all old news. Back in October, Odom took to Instagram saying he missed his best friend in a since-deleted post, coincidentally around the same time Khloe and Tristan Thompson were rumored to be back together.

However, we don’t think Sex, Drugs & Kardashians is going to help him get her back. According to FOX’s synopsis, the show will be a “deep dive of Lamar Odom’s troubled marriage to Khloe Kardashian.”

Taking the second seat to his achievements in the NBA, Lamar's relationship with Khloe will be the focal point of the documentary. According to the synopsis, the special will explore Lamar’s “sex addiction and drug use and how it torpedoed his marriage to the love of his life and turned him into a shell of his former self.”

If that isn’t the modern-day equivalent of a boombox-backed speech outside the window, I don’t know what is. You have to applaud him for shooting his shot and not being afraid of the rebound.

The documentary will air on January 2, 2023 on FOX and will be available to stream on Hulu.

Photo courtesy of Jason Sean Weiss/BFA