Kim Kardashian Angers Fans With Tristan Thompson 'Friendsgiving'

Kim Kardashian Angers Fans With Tristan Thompson 'Friendsgiving'

Kim Kardashian is being called out for having Thanksgiving dinner with Tristan Thompson.

On Thursday, the reality superstar posted an Instagram about her recent holiday visit to an LA juvenile detention facility, where she was joined by Khloé Kardashian's ex.

“This week @realtristan13 and I had an inspiring Friendsgiving dinner with the young men incarcerated at Camp Kilpatrick," Kim wrote in the caption, before praising them for making "huge changes in their life" in order to pursue their "dreams and aspirations." Yet despite the heartwarming nature of the post, the vast majority of commenters were more concerned about her decision to hang out with Tristan, especially since he's notorious for continually cheating on her younger sister.

"why is Kim k taking Tristan to things ewww," one Twitter user wrote, with a second saying, "And Kim tweeting out a picture today of her and Tristan spending time at a prison together….like how and when did they get back on good terms?!?"

"There is literally zero reason for her to collaborate with him so publicly after what he has put her sister through. Gross," as a Redditor added, before someone back on Twitter said, "How can Kim just confidently post about her spending time with Tristan this week!"

They added, "No wonder Khloe has gone back so many times when her family just act like it’s normal and forgive constantly."

After all, Kim's post about their dinner was uploaded the same day as the season finale of The Kardashians, during which the Skims mogul angrily discussed Tristan's infidelity after his paternity scandal became public, telling Kylie Jenner that her "soul kills [and] dies" for their sister, who shares daughter True and a 3-month-old son with the sports star. Meaning that several others went on to wonder, "what happened to all that 'fuck Tristan' energy Kim had before."

That said, some speculated that the Thanksgiving post was a "calculated" move, either to distract from Kim's silence on the kids campaign controversy currently surrounding close collaborators, Balenciaga, or "put [Tristan] in a good light" as an alleged PR stunt, as a Reddit fan wrote.

"He doesn’t have a team to play for at the moment and seems like he just wants to go back to playing for Khloe’s heart again," they added. "Just a mess. Why would Kim even associate herself with this man after everything he’s done to her sister?"

Kardashian has yet to address the backlash.

Photos via Getty / Kevin Mazur & George Pimentel