Lady Gaga Looks Back On 10 Years In Pop

Lady Gaga Looks Back On 10 Years In Pop

Lady Gaga recently sat down with a bottle of rosé and Vogue writer Jonathan Van Meter, and the resulting October cover story chimes in nicely with her and Bradley Cooper's exuberant A Star Is Born press tour. Complete with stripped back photos (Gaga in the bath! Gaga on a picnic blanket!) courtesy of Inez and Vinoodh, we get some interesting insights from inside the singer's Malibu mansion.

Gaga tells Vogue that since she broke through in 2008, her career has experienced "a galaxy of change". She and her fans have come a long way since hair bows and meat dresses –– there are early indications that A Star Is Born could earn the singer her very first Oscar nod. Not that she's not staying true to her roots: the drag queens and back up dancers who have been with the singer since her Lower East Side cabaret days make cameos in the movie.

"I would just say that it's been a nonstop whirlwind. And when I am in an imaginative or creative mode, it sort of grabs me like a sleigh with a thousand horses and pulls me away and I just don't stop working," Gaga told Van Meter, reflecting on her career to date.

"You... make friends, you lose friends, you build tighter bonds with people you've known for your whole life. But there's a lot of emotional pain, and you can't really understand what it all means until ten years has gone by."

Other highlights of the interview include Gaga giving Van Meter a random vase of flowers from her house as a parting gift, and a surprise appearance from her infamous millennial pink Joanne hat.

Photo via Instagram