Lady Gaga Was Supposed to Disappear Into a Pipe at the Olympics

Lady Gaga Was Supposed to Disappear Into a Pipe at the Olympics

While Lady Gaga may have an uncanny lookalike at this year's Olympics, it now turns out that Mother Monster herself was supposed to show up as well.

That's right. According to leaked documents obtained by Bunshun, the star was the Games' first choice to perform at the opening ceremony for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics — dressed up as Nintendo's Mario, no less.

As part of the over-the-top show, the Olympic Committee initially wanted Gaga to appear remotely as the beloved video game character, red hat and all. And the plan of action? To have her jump into a warp pipe and reappear in the arena as Japan's comedy queen, Naomi Watanabe, in a nod to a stunt by former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe at the 2016 Olympics. Which would've been a time warp, indeed.

Obviously though, Gaga's Mario performance only exists on another timeline as her name disappeared from the committee's plans from spring 2021. And though it seems like the ceremony still took some inspiration from her legendary Super Bowl performance, here's to hoping we get more than a few drones next time.

Until then, check out the report for yourself, below.

Photo via Getty / Dimitrios Kambouris


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