Lady Gaga's Olympics Lookalike Has Fans Freaking Out

Lady Gaga's Olympics Lookalike Has Fans Freaking Out

For a split second, Little Monsters thought they saw a very familiar face at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

On Monday, Jordan's Julyana Al-Sadeq competed in a taekwondo match against Brazil's Milena Titonelli. But while she ended up losing the event, Al-Sadeq did end up turning more than a few heads thanks to her eerie resemblance to Lady Gaga — and, naturally, fans had a field day tweeting that the pop icon needed to add a gold medal to her collection of other awards.

"lady gaga said "f*ck grammys and oscars, i want a gold olympic medal now," as one person said, while a Twitter stan account called Gaga Daily jokingly asked, "why is Lady Gaga at the Olympics."

Meanwhile, other commenters continued to marvel at the similarities between Gaga and Al-Sadeq, seeing as how some added that they "really thought this was Gaga competing at the Olympics" while others made cracks about the "Rain on Me" singer "representing Chromatica at the #Olympics."

Granted, Al-Sadeq isn't the first Gaga doppelgänger to go viral as pointed out by Gaga Daily, which posted the athlete's photo alongside several other pics of a judge, dentist and firefighter, which spurred the account to ask, "What can't Lady Gaga do?" And honestly, we have the same question.

Photos via Getty / Maja Hitij & Daniele Venturelli