Sydney Sweeney's TikTok Lookalike Divides Commenters

Sydney Sweeney's TikTok Lookalike Divides Commenters

Commenters don't know what to make of Sydney Sweeney's supposed doppelgänger.

Back in January, TikToker Madison Willow posted a video of herself participating in the viral celebrity lookalike trend, writing that "everyone" says she looks like the Euphoria star. But while most would be flattered by the observation, Willow herself went on to insist in the overlay text that she didn't get it, before asking her followers whether they saw it too or if they were "normal."

"Ummm at first I thought That was u," as one person said in reference to the photo of Sweeney that Willow used. Meanwhile, another said they "don’t see it lol," though a third insisted that she "very much" looked like the actress, which ended up eliciting a "noooo" from Willow.

Sweeney, however, has yet to weigh in. In the meantime though, you can judge for yourself by watching Willow's video below.

@madison_willow everyone says i look like her.. do u see it too or are u normal 😂 #greenscreen #celebritylookalike #celeb #euphoria #fyp ♬ original sound - Marianna Vega

Photo via Getty / Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic