From the woman who brought you heels-on-a-hike, it's Lady Gaga in a metal bikini (?) and stilettos on the beach. I hear you, heels are largely impractical in almost every circumstance including but not exclusive to grass, cobblestones, gravel, trails, long stretches of concrete, but not, it seems, Miss Gaga.

At Five Foot Two (I'm going by the name of Gaga's recent documentary and not Google who actually puts Gaga at 5"1), heels are clearly an asset to our baby Ga. Does this mean they are necessary in all instances of living? Perhaps no, but when they facilitate content such as this:



THEN WHO'S COMPLAINING?! Not me, friends, not me.

So follow Gaga's lead and grab those heels you can't wear without silicone cushions coupled with preventative blister band-aids and head to an ocean near you.

Image via Instagram

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