We Found the Chromatica Oreos

We Found the Chromatica Oreos

Photography by David Vassalli

When Lady Gaga announced last year that she was creatively collaborating not with her usual go-to producer Bloodpop but rather America's Favorite Cookie, Little Monsters went wild. (Wait. Waaait. Little Monsters? Cookie? Cookie Monsters? Just making a connection out loud here, don't mind me.)

After initial questions about what flavor the limited edition Oreos, destined to become the national food of Chromatica, would be — unfortunately it's just a standard vanilla situation, but the colors are cool — stans of dance-pop and mass-produced baked goods alike started scanning supermarket aisles to score the appropriately hot pink-packaged edible merch drop.

But it didn't turn out to be that easy. Information was scarce. You had to sign up for a special website to access the cookies, although there were rumors of people randomly spotting them at like, CVS, while hanging out to try and get those leftover COVID-19 vaccinations you sometimes hear about.

If you need someone to blame for the shortage, look no further than photographer David Vassalli, who clearly has quite a few packs of the limited edition sandwich cookies in his apartment. "Since the second lockdown, I've been doing a lot of still life photos at home," he tells PAPER. "I got the idea to photograph the Gaga Oreos from memes on Twitter."

Revel in his glorious — slightly cursed — edible experiment, above. As well as this good news: as of today, January 28, the Chromatica Oreos are apparently available at stores nationwide.

Photography: David Vassalli