Kourtney Kardashian Teases Lifestyle Site 'Poosh'

Kourtney Kardashian Teases Lifestyle Site 'Poosh'

As the rest of Kardashian family continues to untangle itself from the all-engrossing Jordyn Woods scandal, it looks like the eldest sister, Kourtney, is largely unfazed and ready to launch her newest venture: a lifestyle website called Poosh.

Kourtney teased the launch of the new endeavor to her 74 million Instagram followers earlier today, elegantly perched atop her bathroom vanity with a laptop in one hand, a dainty porcelain teacup in the other, and little else. Cryptically captioned with a simple and vaguely ominous "C O M I N G. S O O N.," the mystery as to what Poosh might be only further deepened as followers were directed to the new website's own Instagram account, pre-fab with a gridded collage that featured the tagline "This isn't a monologue, it's a dialogue" along with the, admittedly clever, hashtag #pooshtheboundaries.

E! News confirmed that Poosh is in fact a lifestyle website, taking its namesake from a pet name Kourtney has been known to call daughter Penelope Disick. A closer read of the Instagram announcement does seem to back this up, the teaser showcases a variety of typical lifestyle and wellness fare such as essential oils, beauty products, towel sets, and it would even explain the errant bathroom tea set. It's clear that Kourtney had already given us all of the clues, it was just up to us to put them all together.

With 2.2 million followers already under its belt before the site even launches, Goop better watch the throne because Poosh is coming for that lifestyle crown.

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