Kim Kardashian's Alien-Themed Ad Sparks UFO Conspiracy Theory

Kim Kardashian's Alien-Themed Ad Sparks UFO Conspiracy Theory

Kim Kardashian is now at the center of an odd conspiracy theory thanks to her brand new Skims campaign.

According to The Sun, the shapewear mogul is being accused of putting "hidden messages" in her recent alien-themed swimwear campaign, which allegedly hints at her involvement in a string of recent UFO sightings over North America.

It all started earlier this week when Kim took to Instagram to post a series of images shot by Harmony Korine, where she can be seen posing alongside models wearing alien heads and a blow-up alien balloon. But while her intention was to promote Skims Swim's latest array of "out-of-this-world styles and colors," the comments were also full of trolls and conspiracy theorists attempting to link the advertisements to recent reports of "unidentified flying objects" over the U.S. and Canada, which began earlier this month after an alleged Chinese spy balloon was shot down off the coast of South Carolina.

“All these UFOS shot down to prep us for the skims swim launch, it all makes sense now,” one person wrote beneath the pics, while others added chimed in with comments like "this is why we’ve been seeing UFOs lately" and "those UFOs had something to do with the Kardashians."

Meanwhile, some wondered if the reality superstar had some secret intel she was "trying to tell us," before another skeptic claimed it was "funny how the medias just throwing et’s in our face and nobody really realizes." And of course, comments like these also added fuel to the ongoing celebrity illuminati chatter, with an Instagram user claiming that she was "casually showing illuminati symbols" in the ads and a second adding that there are "soooo many hidden messages in this shoot."

Kim has yet to respond to the fan theories. In the meantime though, you can see what Instagram commenters are saying about her alleged extraterrestrial activities below.

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