There has been significant amount of backlash to Kim Kardashian's tweet last night in which put her body dysmorphia on full display and declared the flu to be an "amazing diet" for the Met Gala, because she lost six pounds by being sickly.

While sure given the body positive era we are now living in, as well as the fact that influenza can be deadly in underdeveloped countries, you can see why many considered Kim's words both regressive and ignorant. Though for anyone who has put massive strain on their kidneys by chugging three liters of water a day for the month leading up to prom, this confession is hugely relatable and there were definitely those who were out there batting for Kim's diet.

While I 10/10 do not recommended contracting any kind of illness for aesthetic purposes only, Kim's remarkable lack of self-awareness will never cease to be amazing:

I love her.

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