A Running Timeline of Kanye West's Pro-Trump Twitter Comments

A Running Timeline of Kanye West's Pro-Trump Twitter Comments

After a relative hiatus from the public eye, Kanye West returned to Twitter on April 13 to ostensibly promote new music. What followed was more than any of us could have predicted. Here's a running timeline of what Kanye's been up to the past few days, from expanding Yeezy internationally to supporting Donald Trump:

April 13 — CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey welcomes Kanye back to the platform after an extended absence and (relative) time out of the public eye:

April 17-18 — Kanye starts tweeting about topics including artistic expression, creative license and capitalism (there are far too many to include, but here's a sampling):

April 19: Kanye tweets that he's producing high profile albums for artists including Nas and Teyana Taylor in addition to making his own album (and one with Kid Cudi):

April 20 — More tweets about creativity and capitalism, plus some expansive Yeezy brand updates:

April 21 — Kanye tweets in support of black conservative Candace Owens and "free thinkers":

April 22 — More tweets in a similar vein about the "thought police," leading people to comment on West's new "Red Pill" mindset:

He also loves his Tesla:

April 23 — Kanye retweets a series of videos made by "Dilbert" creator and Trump supporter Scott Adams, in which Adams says Ye is ushering in a new "Golden Age" by retweeting Candace Owens:

Hot 97's Ebro Darden says on his radio show that in a phone conversation, Ye said, "I love Donald Trump." The Hot 97 crew says Kanye is "out of touch" with the problems of ordinary black and brown people:

April 24 — It's reported that Kanye has parted ways with his former management team, including Scooter Braun, after he asked them to work for him full time and they declined:

April 25 — Kanye tweets "2024." Posters made by an independent street artist pairing West's image with "2024" and "Keep American Great" start popping up around American cities.

Kanye says Yeezy is expanding:

Kanye says he's the highest paid person in footwear, including Michael Jordan:

Kanye refers to "fake news," specifically calls out certain outlets who have questioned his mental well-being:

Kanye tweets photos of his beautiful Calabasas home to prove he's not in the "sunken place" as some suggest:

More stream of conscious thoughts:

Kanye says Trump is his "brother," says they both have "dragon energy:"

But that he loves Hillary too:

And that he's out of the sunken place (so was he previously in it?):

Kim steps in, kind of:

Kanye tweets a picture with Lucian Grainge and Lyor Cohen while wearing a MAGA hat, setting the world on fire:

It's signed.

Kim defends Kanye:

Kim clarifies she's not a Trump supporter:

Donald Trump retweets and thanks Kanye:

Donald Trump, Jr. uses Hillary's slogan to support Kim:

Chance the Rapper weighs in:

Azealia Banks weighs in too:

Kanye says he's not worried about what his fans might think:

And is apparently still mad that Obama didn't work with him on Chicago (but Trump took a meeting with him, is that what this is all about?)

Just another day in Calabasas.