JVN and Antoni Are Absolutely Not Dating: Debunking @Jvntoni

JVN and Antoni Are Absolutely Not Dating: Debunking @Jvntoni

For weeks, rumors have been buzzing around the internet like gnats that two of Queer Eye'smasterminds are a couple. Of course, this gossip been mostly propelled by professional gymnast Jonathan Van Ness and renowned meme format-creator Antoni Porowski themselves.

Since July, the pair have been posting thotty couple pics on an Instagram account called @jvntoni (as well as on their personal grids), including a video of Antoni tossing truffles into JVN's mouth, with the caption "When @antoni is bae you learn to catch balls in your mouth anytime 🏳️🌈."

We cried, we cheered, we called it iconic. However, from the beginning, something seemed off. Do human adult people relationships really post captions like "Morning time snuggies w bae 🏳️🌈" and videos of them monkey-plucking stray hairs off each others necks?

Just like all publicity stunt couples before them — absolutely not! Thank God. Today, JVN revealed the punchline of their big joke, which is that two gay men who are friends and colleagues are actually just not dating.... as we... thought.

While it's a little sad that @jvntoni is a farce, it's a huge relief that neither of them would post this in earnesty.

Antony however, isn't ready to give up the bit. He even seemed to be keeping it up last night during the Fab Five's appearance on Fallon.

Photo via Instagram

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