Julia Fox's Debuts the Cover of Her 'Masterpiece' Memoir

Julia Fox's Debuts the Cover of Her 'Masterpiece' Memoir

by Peyton Gatewood

Julia Fox is many things: newly-crowned fashion it-girl, model and scene-stealer in 2019’s beloved Uncut Gems. This Friday, Fox announced via Instagram that “author” has been added to her growing list of credentials, debuting the cover of her upcoming memoir Down The Drain, set to be released in October.

“This is so surreal.. ever since i was a kid I always wanted to be a writer & after writing every single word in this book, it’s safe to say I AM ONE!!!!”

Fox ended her statement by thanking her publisher, Simon and Schuster, for “taking a chance” on her. She also thanked the team who worked on the book’s cover which includes Richie Shazam, Briana Andalore, Erol Karadag and Julian Stoller.

In the book, the Lower East Side fashionista chronicles her “turbulent path to cultural supremacy,” reflecting on her parents’ relationship and, as a result, her split adolescence between Italy and New York City. She also opens up about a toxic, drug-dealing boyfriend, her work as a 19-year-old dominatrix, a drug habit that has made her familiar with the trap houses of New Orleans, the fatal overdose of her best friend…and that’s just the first half of the book. In addition to her life before fame, Fox divulges details on situations we may be more familiar with, like her “emotionally explosive, tabloid-dominating romance” with an A-list musician she calls “The Artist.”

This time last year, Fox announced that she was working on her “dream project” while walking the Oscars red carpet. “It was going to be a memoir at first, but now it’s just like my first book” the star told Variety.

She also said that she didn’t want to give too much away. The avant-garde actress is superstitious and doesn’t like to speak on things until they’re completely finished, explaining why we haven’t heard much about Down the Drain since then. “It’s so far a masterpiece, if I do say so myself.” she added.

Fox has made the most out of her whirlwind ascent to celebrity. Fans of Fox appreciate her authenticity and willingness to speak out when most celebrities shy away from controversy. In 2021, she started a cultural commentary podcast turned “theatrical show” Forbidden Fruit with co-host Niki Takesh. On the podcast, the duo “treat taboo content and electrifying, culturally relevant guests with empathy and understanding” in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the complexity of each topic.

She also frequents TikTok to create a dialogue between her and her followers, often responding to comments and even posting a no-bullshit tour of her own one-bedroom apartment she shares with her young son in New York. For someone who thrives on speaking out about whatever happens to be going on, writing seems like a natural progression.

You can preorder Down the Drain here.

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