Julia Fox Argues For 'Rehabilitation' After Alexander Wang Criticism

Julia Fox Argues For 'Rehabilitation' After Alexander Wang Criticism

Julia Fox is defending her decision to walk in Alexander Wang's runway show.

Last week, the Uncut Gems actress was criticized for appearing in his controversial New York Fashion Week show, with many saying that she was implicitly supporting an alleged sexual predator. However, Fox later took to her TikTok in a since-delete comment to address the backlash — and her response is dividing fans.

In a screenshot shared by a Twitter account called @juliafoxsource, the star can be seen replying to a fan by saying that while she "loves" cancel culture, there's a "need to leave room for rehabilitation." Fox also went on to argue that the larger process is about teaching rather than punishment, especially "for those who put in the work & heal & learn from their mistakes."

But while some agreed, many more had problems with Fox's take. This included the person she responded to, who ended up posting a follow up TikTok alongside the caption, "I must’ve missed the part where he took accountability."


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Meanwhile, Twitter users accused Fox of "hypocrisy," with one person saying that she was "using the Rehabilitation excuse."

"Everyone knows the first step to Rehab is admitting you have a problem. He has 11 claims against him & counting," the person continued. "Julia Fox is promoting Alexander Wang shamelessly."

And even the former fan account that posted the screenshot decided that this was where they "draw the line," prior to retweeting their thread titled "alexander wang is a sexual predator" and writing, "since the industry is ignoring the 11 victims let me use this mass engagement to educate you on how sick and disgusting it is that his career is skyrocketing again." The next day, @juliafoxsource also posted a Spongebob gravestone meme featuring the text, "Julia Fox Fan Updates 2022-2023."

In 2020, Wang was accused of sexual misconduct by a number of people, which he initially responded to in a statement refuting the "atrocious" and "baseless and grotesquely false" claims. The following year though, he met with his accusers and wrote on his now-deleted Instagram that he promised to "do better."

Fox has yet to respond to this second wave of criticism.

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