YouTuber Admits to Faking GF's Death For Subscribers

YouTuber Admits to Faking GF's Death For Subscribers

YouTuber JayStation — aka Jason Ethier — is under heavy scrutiny after faking girlfriend Alexia Marano's death.

It all started last week when the YouTuber uploaded a video to his channel claiming that Marano had died in a drunk driving accident, before sharing videos of himself visiting her supposed "roadside memorial" and trying to summon her spirit via a Ouija board.

Now, JayStation has removed the three hoax-related videos and admitted in a new upload that he had faked the entire thing.

On Sunday night, he explained that he came up with the "prank" in order to get more subscribers for the couple's joint "Dream Team" channel. He then went on to say that he had plans to eventually "resurrect" her so they could continue making "Dream Team" videos together.

Obviously, the backlash to the announcement was swift, with many calling for YouTube to deplatform JayStation and comparing this most recent "scam" to past "exploitative" videos about the deaths of people like Mac Miller and fellow YouTuber Etika.

Sadly, this messed up saga doesn't seem to end here. While JayStation claimed in his "confession" that Marano was initially "okay" with the videos, she has apparently deleted all of her social media accounts and moved out of their shared home in the wake of the hoax.

Not only that, but according to JayStation, following Marano's departure, he claims that he was informed by police that there was a "warrant out for your arrest..for assault with a weapon and assault."

Granted, this latest update could very well also be another shady hoax. As Newsweek reports, in a statement, the Toronto Police Service said that "there is no Toronto Police warrant on file for a Jason Ethier" at this time.

Photo via YouTube / ImJayStation


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