Jack Harlow Just Responded to Those Clueless NBA Refs

Jack Harlow Just Responded to Those Clueless NBA Refs

by Hedy Phillips

Not everyone knows who Jack Harlow is, and he’d like to change that. The “First Class” rapper sat courtside at Sunday's Milwaukee Bucks versus Boston Celtics game, but a couple of the NBA refs had no idea who he was.

The refs, Scott Foster and Ed Malloy, spotted Harlow on the Jumbotron and were left mystified as to why Boston’s TD Garden arena kept showing him. The two men were caught on their microphones by SportsCenter asking each other if they know who he is. Spoiler alert: Neither of them had any idea (but they were curious in a cute way and not a snarky way, kind of like how your dad usually doesn’t know who anyone famous is either).

After SportsCenter tweeted the short clip, Harlow himself responded good-naturedly, writing, “Clearly these mfs have never seen Narnia.” The rapper has drawn comparisons to James McAvoy’s character Mr. Tumnus in the Narnia films, which he seems happy to really lean into.

But while this interaction was all in good fun, Harlow also caught some flak for messing with a camerawoman’s equipment during the game and then posting about it on social media. Though the video was deleted, nothing ever leaves the internet completely and it was shared elsewhere. Tami Nguyen replied to Overtime’s post of the video on Twitter saying there’s no bad blood and that Harlow’s team apologized after the fact. However, some wondered why Harlow himself didn’t apologize.

Nguyen tweeted at Harlow that he owes her chicken fingers for her troubles, to which he replied, “I got you Tami.”

Hopefully Nguyen gets her chicken fingers and her apology out of this.

Photo via Getty/ Emma McIntyre


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