IV Jay Wrote This 'Love Song' for Everyone

IV Jay Wrote This 'Love Song' for Everyone

by Marissa Matozzo

Thanks to Valentine's Day capitalism, media influences from romantic comedies to advertisements tell us that we must prove our love to a significant other on one special day. But after the holiday passes, how do we continue to show our love for those we're with?

Premiering today with PAPER, R&B upstart IV Jay asks herself this and more in her new video to "Love Song." She questions this as someone who is not in a relationship, while surrounded by many who are.

"I never wrote a love song," IV sings in her opening verse. "I wish that I could write one/ But every time I try they be acting childish/ hope I find the right one."

The video begins with the artist asking New Yorkers from neighborhoods ranging from Astoria to Washington Heights what love means to them. Their answers included qualities they look for in partners to how loving someone else can "teach you to love yourself."

Throughout the video, IV's background shifts from vacant NYC streets to subway entrances, as couples embrace each other nearly everywhere she is.

Throughout, IV continues to sing about a love that she longs for: "Tell me you're the right one/ Do I gotta worry 'bout the secrets that you hiding?" IV may not have the love she's searching for just yet, but as she sings, "I'll know it when I find it."

Additionally, the "Love Song" video supports The Ally Coalition, which was founded by the band FUN. and designer Rachel Antonoff. According to the organization's website, it aims to "provide critical support for organizations dedicated to bettering the lives of LGBTQ youth and raises awareness about the systemic inequalities facing the LGBTQ population."

IV says her decision to partner with The Ally Coalition for "Love Song" was informed by their shared beliefs in equality. "I want my family, friends and fans to know that it's OK to be your unique, individual self and everyone is worthy of love and equal rights," she says. "The Ally Coalition helps spread that message and provide much needed support for the LGBTQ youth. I hope this video empowers people to love unconditionally, because love is about being true to yourself and just letting go."

Stream IV Jay's "Love Song," below:

Photography: Jimmy Fontaine