New Mural in LA Only Viewable to Influencers With 20k+ Followers

New Mural in LA Only Viewable to Influencers With 20k+ Followers

In what could be straight out of an episode of Black Mirror, Instagram follow counts are not only now dictating how cool, hot and potentially employable you are, but whether or not you can appreciate public art.

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A mural has popped up in LA, obscured by a tent and protected from the public view by round-the-clock security. Why? Because you can't look at it if you have less than 20,000 followers on social platforms, or a blue check mark next to your name. That's right, you need to be verified or have garnered significant online popularity to see a piece of street art.

And here it is, via verified writer Justin Caffier who was lucky enough to see it firsthand. As you can see, the exclusive artwork features a the verification tick and the Instagram and Twitter symbols.

Naturally, there's been some backlash.

It's unclear whether the move is a publicity stunt to promote the company behind the mural, "Like and Subscribe," a commentary on society's obsession with quasi fame, or a genuine (and elitist) attempt at cultivating exclusivity. In any case, it seems that Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood hikes, green juices and unchecked narcissism, seems like it may have out-LA'd itself.

Photo via Twitter