Disney Announces 'Hocus Pocus 2' Cast

Disney Announces 'Hocus Pocus 2' Cast

On Halloween 2019, Disney announced that they were working on a sequel to their classic original film Hocus Pocus. And now it looks like the time for the black flame candle to be lit once more is almost upon us.

The company took to social media on Sunday to announce the cast joining the Sanderson sisters played by Bette Middler, Kathy Najimi and Sarah Jessica Parker. The roster includes Ted Lasso and Sex Education actress Hannah Waddingham, Veep's Tony Hale and Sam Richardson, and Doug Jones who will likely be reprising his role as Winnie's zombified ex Billy Butcherson from the first movie.

Other stars joining the cast are Whitney Peak, Lilia Buckingham, Belissa Escobedo, Juju Brener, Froy Gutierrez, Taylor Henderson, and Nina Kitchen. Aside from Jone's Billy Butcherson, the roles of the newly announced cast members have yet to be revealed.

According to reports, the film will be following a similar plot to the original film. This time, the sisters will be accidentally awakened by three young girls on Hallow's eve, and the witches return to present-day Salem to wreak havoc and suck the lives out of children on their quest for eternal life.

While there isn't a trailer or an exact release date just yet, Disney revealed that the movie will be coming out on streaming platform Disney+ in the fall of 2022 — just in time for next Halloween.

Photo courtesy of Disney