Heidi Klum Says She Can Stop Herself From Sweating

Heidi Klum Says She Can Stop Herself From Sweating

You'll never catch Heidi Klum breaking a sweat. Literally.

When it comes to modeling, one of the hardest things to do is remain perfectly matte during a shoot, especially when you're spending an entire day baking beneath all those super bright studio lights. But while most people need tons of touch-up breaks to maintain their photo-ready look, it turns out that Klum isn't one of them thanks to one very useful "talent" that we're extremely jealous of.

Ahead of the season three premiere of her Amazon Prime show Making the Cut, the German-American supermodel appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about how she's able to keep her face shine-free, which makes things a whole lot easier for every on-set makeup artist.

“They come all the time and they will put that powder puff in your face 24/7,” Klum told the talk show host. “So I’m like: Don’t sweat in the face. I just tell myself not to sweat in the face!”

That said, Klum quickly clarified that she's only able to stop her face from sweating and will actually "sweat everywhere where you don’t see it."

“That’s my talent," she jokingly added while pointing at her armpits. "It’s hidden, because I don’t show it.”

However, Klum went on to say that she knows one person that doesn't even need to spend time in a makeup chair. And who would that extremely lucky person be? Obviously, her Making the Cut co-host Tim Gunn, who supposedly "does not wear any makeup."

“Where I spend two hours on all of this, like, he just shows up … no foundation, no powder, nothing," she said. Talk about impressive.

Making the Cut season three will be released on August 18. In the meantime though, you can watch Klum talk about her ability to remain as cool as a cucumber below.

Photo via Getty / Christopher Polk