The Zodiac Signs as Heidi Klum's Wackiest Halloween Costumes

The Zodiac Signs as Heidi Klum's Wackiest Halloween Costumes

By Courtney Perkins (@notallgeminis)

Heidi Klum, costume royalty and Gemini icon, is having her 18th annual Halloween party this year! Here are the signs as some of her best and wackiest looks over the years:

Aries: Golden Goddess

Aries is a golden goddess! Duh! Oh, goddess of what? Um… of whatever Aries wants to be the goddess of! They can reign over anything! Oh, is it from something? Is it a character? Well…. No, not really…. Just kind of wanted to spray paint my entire body gold and make a statement. But I'm the goddess!!

Taurus: Vampire

A Taurus in love will give you their exposed, bleeding heart. A Taurus on Halloween will spook you with it! Heidi's 2005 vampire look is sexy, badass, and a little possessive, like a Taurus! OMG I'm not even trying to suck your blood, I just want you to move into my bed and never leave!

Gemini: Heidi x 5

Gemini, you are Heidi Klum's 2016 masterpiece — herself with five of her clones! A clone for every personality! Heidi, a beloved Gemini herself, gathered some model pals to impersonate her in Victoria's Secret Angel gear. The beauty of this costume lies in the Gemini trickiness: getting to watch people try to talk to "you" all night long while you scamper away with glee.

Cancer: Thriller

Cancer cashes in the nostalgia factor, like Heidi did last year when she and her friends recreated the entire Thriller music video! This costume has all of the makings of a Cancer Halloween: involving your whole friend group, throwbacks, kitschy costumes, the joy of prepping at Goodwill and ordering things online weeks in advance, shared future memories, and an excellent soundtrack!

Leo: Cleopatra

Leos are zodiac's royalty, so naturally they should be Heidi's version of Cleopatra, ruler of Egypt! A dramatic Leo goes all in, and enjoys being the center of attention over the course of the night. Heidi actually had to cancel this year's party due to Hurricane Sandy, but can you imagine seeing her bop around between rooms, drenched in gold, with this pharaoh's headdress sticking out above everyone? Leo AF!

Virgo: Lady Godiva

Virgo, you are Lady Godiva — the legendary English countess known for riding horseback through the town nude, using her long hair as her own cover! Virgo is the secret freak of the zodiac, and also the sign most likely to put in the effort to find a horse to make their sexy Halloween costume complete.

Libra: Jessica Rabbit

Libras always go for the sexy costume with a twist. On Halloween, they just want to be told they're pretty so they can get drunk and walk around sitting on people's laps unannounced. In 2015, Heidi broke out the prosthetics for her Jessica Rabbit costume! This costume is so good, so beautiful, and so fake, that it has to be a Libra.

Scorpio: The Human Body

For Halloween, a Scorpio is either going to be the sexiest or the freakiest thing you see all night. Scorpio is one of the only signs that can pull off Heidi's amazing 2011 Human Body costume. They can see through to your soul without skin anyways. Plus, a Scorpio would LOVE to see your face react when you peer over the hospital bed, thinking you can inspect their artistry, only to have them pop out at you and stop your heart! They'll teach you a thing or two about anatomy! ;)

Sagittarius: Witch

Does a Sagittarius ever really have a plan? No, no they don't. What they do always have: passion! Heidi surely put the effort into this red witch costume, but how much research went into the outfit? I'm not sure why there are bones and vampire teeth involved in a witch costume, but it sure is fun! Go in, Sagittarius!

Capricorn: Dominatrix

No one gives commands better than a Capricorn! Tell me what to do and hurt my feelings, baby! Capricorns know what they want, and how to get it. Capricorn is the original dominatrix — Heidi's outfit from her first Halloween party in 2000!

Aquarius: Crows

Aquarius is the oddball and the individualist, but also the sign of friendship! Therefore, they must be this absurd couples costume that Heidi and Seal did, in which they are crows? Ravens? Nightmares? Aquarius will always choose a costume that they have to explain to you.

Pisces: Butterfly

Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac, filled to the brim with creative energy! Naturally, they should be represented by Heidi Klum's amazing, enormous butterfly costume from 2014. Pisces thinks big, so they're the the perfect sign to pull off this grand, beautiful task. Fly away, little Pisces! Fly away from reality!

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