HECHA / 做, Official Rebrand Combat Greenwashing With Earth Day Zine

HECHA / 做, Official Rebrand Combat Greenwashing With Earth Day Zine

With concerns like climate change, overfishing and cryptocurrency's environmental impact at the forefront of current discussion, greenwashing has become all the more prevalent — and an even bigger issue than it was before. A malicious PR technique used by multinational corporations to mislead the public into thinking their products are "environmentally friendly," addressing this sort of rhetoric is becoming all the more important, and one outlet doing that is the Anti-Green-Sheen Zine.

The work of gender-fluid fashion brands HECHA / 做 and Official Rebrand (OR?!), the second edition of AGS II is celebrating Earth Day this year by "empowering consumers with creative ways to reimagine daily habits towards a slower, more sustained way of life."

Featuring 18 contributors' guerrilla gardening tutorials, essays about the environmental impact of streaming, tree meditations guides and even an "eco-phonic" mix by Speaker Music // DeForrest Brown, Jr., the zine focuses on teaching techniques that help reduce waste and ultimately aims to push back against the faux narrative of greenwashing, while helping us all integrate actual eco-conscious practices into our lives. So read more about the zine for yourself hereand start learning how to make a real impact on the planet.

Photo courtesy of HECHA / 做