Official Rebrand, HECHA / 做 Launch Anti-Greenwashing Earth Day Zine

Official Rebrand, HECHA / 做 Launch Anti-Greenwashing Earth Day Zine

Though "sustainability" has become a big buzzword in the fashion world as of late, the sad reality is that many of these greenwashed brands don't really practice what they preach. So in honor of Earth Day this year, gender-fluid fashion brands HECHA / 做 and Official Rebrand (OR?!) have teamed up to create an"Anti-Green-Sheen Zine" filled with information about actionable sustainability practices.

A collaboration between OR?!'s MI Leggett and HECHA / 做 co-founders Ting Ding and Luz Fernandez, the zine contains helpful features like a basic sewing tutorial and "Interactive Buying Guide," all of which is meant to help "equip and empower consumers with a guide to eco-friendly living."

Not only that, but the zine also features personal essays about "reimagined daily habits and perspectives" from members of the New York nightlife community amid the coronavirus pandemic, with all of the proceeds from the zine going back to the contributors.

"I see COVID-19 as a direct symptom of capitalism, exposing the deep-rooted flaws in our unhealthy relationship with the Earth through our current economic and social systems," Ding said. "With the zine, we wanted to present options towards different ways of living and healing futurities."

Additionally, the zine also coincides with the release of a collaborative up-cycled collection, "inspired by the ongoing conversation between the two labels as well as herbal allyship discussed in the zine."

"These pieces are a correspondence. They embody our discussions as like-minded creatives and continue the conversation materially," Leggett added. "The dialog between Fernandez's and my strokes over HECHA / 做's samples demonstrate how harmoniously different creative processes can unite when values overlap."

Read the zine via HECHA / 做's website, and check out the collection — which is available via OR?!'s web store — below.

Photography: MI Leggett (courtesy of HECHA / 做)