The Internet Responds to Mick Jagger's Harry Styles Shade

The Internet Responds to Mick Jagger's Harry Styles Shade

by Hedy Phillips

Anyone with eyes can see that Harry Styles has a little bit of Mick Jagger swagger. The British singer, who just released his third album Harry’s House, has oft been compared to the Rolling Stones frontman, not just for his stage presence, but also for his appearance. And while Jagger has spoken kindly of Styles in the past, his latest comments have Hairballs a bit puzzled.

In a new interview with The Sunday Times, Jagger was asked about the “As It Was” singer being compared to him. Though he couched his answer by saying the two have an “easy relationship,” he followed that up with what could perhaps be interpreted as some subtle digs. “He doesn't have a voice like mine or move on stage like me; he just has a superficial resemblance to my younger self, which is fine — he can't help that," Jagger said. And though that’s not inherently bad, per se, some fans took objection.

Without knowing the inflection in Jagger’s voice while giving this answer, though, it’s easy to misinterpret. He went further to say that he’s more androgynous than Styles and definitely wore more eye makeup back in the day which makes it seem more like he's simply calling out the differences between the two rather than maligning Styles.

Fans were quick to add their own two cents, of course, but let us remind you that this isn’t the first time Jagger has spoken out about Styles and their similarities. In 2015, Jagger noted that Styles has come to see him play often, adding that he’s “got it going on.” And in terms of their fashion senses, Jagger said, “I can see the influence. But I don’t say anything to him, I just tell him he looks nice. I like him. He’s very decent.”

See, he thinks he’s decent!

Styles, meanwhile, has done nothing but praise Jagger, even going so far as calling him the “coolest man on the planet” at one point, according to the Mirror. He also quite happily leaned into the comparison when he was on Saturday Night Live in 2017, impersonating the Rolling Stones singer in a sketch.

Plenty of Styles’ fans have come to his defense in this battle, while others are agreeing with Jagger, understanding his intention. Jagger pointing out that the two stars have different voices and different moves on stage isn’t a bad thing. He’s right that Styles does look like his younger self — we can all see that. So why are we so mad about this? Jagger is a legend. Styles is well on his way to being a legend. They look a bit similar and both like flashy fashion, so let’s chalk this up to a bit of a misunderstanding, OK?

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