We’re All Invited to Harry’s House

We’re All Invited to Harry’s House

by Hedy Phillips

It’s officially happening: Harry Styles’ third album is on the way. The singer announced today that Harry’s House will be released on May 20, bringing his Fine Line era to a close.

Fans have been speculating for weeks that something would be coming from Styles soon. Last month, he was spotted in London filming something on a giant bed that could potentially be a music video. Just a few days later, he was seen filming something else in London — another mystery project. But it wasn’t until fans started catching onto mysterious You Are Home messaging that a new album seemed imminent.

Ads for You Are Home started popping up around the world a couple weeks ago, along with social media accounts, a website and a Discord server. A few days ago, the You Are Home website door began opening to a different backdrop each day, making us think they were all clues. It didn't stop there. A fan posted a photo to Twitter a couple nights ago of what looks to be a future listing for Styles’ album in Target’s stock — which can only be accessed by employees. The name of the album and the release date match what we now know to be true!

Listen, if you ever need a crime solved, Harries will get the job done quickly and efficiently and leave no trace behind.

While some fans were still skeptical that You Are Home and all its social media entities were in fact Styles’ marketing — wondering if going a similar route of Fine Line’s Eroda project for “Adore You” — suspicions were confirmed when Styles himself followed the You Are Home accounts this week.

And now we’re here; we've arrived at the big album announcement. Styles shared a short video with the announcement, wearing the same cozy clothes that he’s wearing on the album cover, walking out onto a stage while his home comes in around him. Before he brings us into his house, though, he bestows upon us his signature smirk, and it’s a wonder we’re all still breathing.

Beyond the stunning visuals for the new album, the name and the release date, we have literally zero information, and you know what? That’s OK, because we’re not sure if we’d be able to handle much more. It’s safe to assume at least one single will be coming soon, most likely ahead of Styles’ performances at Coachella next month. He’ll then head out around the UK and Europe for Love on Tour, the continuation of last year’s North America dates. The new stage setup for this summer’s shows — which includes sections named Kitchen, Hallway and Bedroom — now makes so much more sense with his new album name in mind.

While we’ll miss the beauty of the Fine Line era and everything she gave us, we’re sending her off with love and pulling up a chair in Harry’s house to get comfy. We can’t wait to see what this new era holds.

Presave Harry’s House on Spotify and Apple Music before it’s released on May 20.

Photo via Getty for Spotify/ Rich Fury