Harry Styles Stans Hate His New Haircut

Harry Styles Stans Hate His New Haircut

Harry Styles, Gucci-clad prince of sex, sadness, and shrooms, has changed his hair. Having toyed with a mussed up Mick Jagger pageboy in the past, more recently rocking a sweeping semi-pompadour, he just debuted an even shorter (and slightly Timothée Chalamet-in-The King) cut while on vacation in Italy. Needless to say, stans are upset.

We got our first look at the latest Harry Hair Style courtesy of a random dad who happened to run into the musician and take a selfie. He shared the image with his daughter Erin, who obviously posted it on Twitter. She added that Styles was "lovely" towards her parents.

Yep, that hair is definitely just short of ear-length; Harry's trademark unruly curls have been tamed into a bowl cut. Styles has some relaxed vacation stubble going on, too. He looks totally different in his recent Rolling Stone cover story, shot by Ryan McGinley, and many devotees claim to "barely recognize" him. Thank God Erin's dad wasn't fooled by the disguise.

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harry styles’ and his unexpected hair style. ok byepic.twitter.com/TiW86khnl1

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