Harry Styles' New Accent Has Fans in Shambles

Harry Styles' New Accent Has Fans in Shambles

Harry Styles fans don't know what to make of what appears to be his "new" accent.

As you've probably heard by now, the hitmaker is about to release his upcoming album, Harry's House, meaning he's been making the media rounds to promote the highly anticipated release. And the person to get the biggest scoop so far? None other than superstar radio host Zane Lowe, who recently spoke to Styles for a far-reaching interview that touches on everything from mental health to One Direction.

However, what ended up causing the most chatter amongst fans was the "Watermelon Sugar" singer's way of speaking, which many believed was a huge departure from his Northern English lilt. So naturally, tons of people took to Twitter to comment on the perceived change, with one wondering, "What the fuck is going on with that accent?"

"I'd understand a bit of American creeping in but it's all over the shop," as they continued. Meanwhile, another tweeted out a screenshot of a line from the Harry's House single "As It Was" that read "leave America."

Elsewhere, others tried to pinpoint what the "new" accent sounded like, as a third hypothesized that Styles sounded like "an Australian South African that lived in Yorkshire for a while, before moving to Scandinavia, that now lives in the US."

That said, a number of fans noted that Styles wasn't the only former One Direction member whose accent has undergone a slight change, seeing as how Liam Payne was previously roasted for a red carpet interview thanks to his accent, which had seemingly morphed into a combination of Irish, American, Welsh and Scottish.

"What is going on with One Direction band members and their accents," one viral tweet read, before another joked, "For a band called One Direction, their accents really have gone all over the gaff ain't they?"

Styles has yet to address the online buzz, but you can check out his "new" accent below.

Photo via Getty / Terence Patrick / CBS