Harry Styles Rushed By Fan on Stage During Concert

Harry Styles Rushed By Fan on Stage During Concert

Harry Styles just had a pretty scary run-in with a Brazilian fan.

According to E! News, the "Watermelon Sugar" singer was in Rio de Janeiro for his Love on Tour show on Thursday when he was rushed by a fan after she climbed on stage during his performance.

In a video taken by another audience member, the woman can be seen charging towards Styles, who was in the middle of singing One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful." However, she was quickly stopped by security before reaching the star and being ushered off stage.

Remarkably, Styles kept his cool throughout the incident, not missing a beat when side-stepping a security guard who started to run across the stage. Granted, he did acknowledge what happened after finishing the song and thanked security for their help.

"Well, that was different… everybody OK?," he said before adding, "I'm shooketh, I'm shooketh."

Unfortunately though, this particular interaction wasn't the only scary thing to happen to the musician this week, as one of his vans was apparently hijacked by gunmen the next day.

As noted by NME, a Brazilian news outlet called G1reported that a tour vehicle containing merch — initially reported to instruments — was intercepted on Friday by a group of three armed men on the BR-116 road. The van was supposedly on its way towards Curtiba, a city in southern Brazil, where Styles is set to perform tomorrow.

It's currently unclear whether the driver was injured while being "subdued" by the attackers. Local police also didn't clarify whether the gunmen took the merch or not, though the outlet did go on to note that they have yet to be detained.

Styles has yet to provide further comment on either incident. In the meantime though, you can see footage of the fan on stage below.

Photo via Getty / Kevin Winter