Harry Styles Throws Chicken Nuggets Back at Concertgoer

Harry Styles Throws Chicken Nuggets Back at Concertgoer

Harry Styles just had a good-natured food fight with his fans.

According to TMZ, the "As It Was" singer was performing at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night when one concertgoer decided to toss at least a couple of chicken nuggets on-stage in the middle of his performance. And though it's still unclear what exactly prompted the surprise nugget shower, the move was apparently more than enough to bring the show to a complete stop — though not for the reason you'd think.

Dubbing it a clever way of snagging his attention, a visibly amused Styles used the moment to try and identify his snack attackers, all while engaging in a little audience banter during the search. As the outlet noted though, his hunt for the poultry-loving perpetrator was seemingly successful, seeing as how the former One Direction member ended up throwing at least one nugget back into the crowd and then chatting with the unidentified thrower, who he jokingly promised a new nugget after his return serve ended up on the arena floor.

That said, Styles went on to explain that he doesn't eat chicken — or any meat for that matter — despite fans imploring him to take a bite, instead opting to just smoothly segue back to his set. And thankfully, that was the end of the vegetarian-unfriendly altercation, as the rest of Styles' concert went along as planned.

However, the "Watermelon Sugar" artist isn't the only musician who's been forced to deal with some food-related show interruptions as of late, even though these other instances were markedly less friendly. Case and point? The recent spat between Kid Cudi and the people who threw water bottles at him during his performance at Rolling Loud Miami, which resulted in him exiting stage left before completing his set.

Styles has yet to publicly address the on-stage food fight. Until he does though, you can read TMZ's full report here.

Photo via Getty / Cindy Ord