Hannah Diamond Revisits 'Reflections' on New Remix EP

Hannah Diamond Revisits 'Reflections' on New Remix EP

Late last fall, PC Music's Hannah Diamond finally released her long-awaited debut album, Reflections, a stunning collection glossy futuristic pop ballads about heartbreak in the digital age. It was a full circle moment for Diamond and the small London label that revolutionized the pop landscape over the past half-decade, bringing an end to that chapter of PC Music and opening the door for a new generation of producers and artists to carry on the legacy.

Now back with a new remix EP of songs off Reflections, Hannah Diamond is bridging the gap between PC Music's roots and a new wave of hyperpop producers. With remixes from 100 gecs' Dylan Brady, umru, Berlin's Mechatok, a rare release from Sad Boys' affiliate Yung Sherman and the previously released dancehall revamp of "Love Goes On" by Palmistry and rising rapper Bladee rounding out the release, we get to see plasticity of Diamond's early-00s pop star persona taken to new and exciting places while remaining faithful to her original vision in their own way.

"I wanted to put out a remix project of my Reflections album because almost every song on it is really emotional and the production that A. G. [Cook] and EASYFUN worked on was so specific to those feelings," Diamond writes. "I wanted to see what other lives these songs could have and also what some of my other collaborators could interpret from them. Everyone I asked to be a part of the project is close friends of mine and some of them I have been writing and working with for my new projects. I really admire everything they do and I'm really excited to share these remixes of my favorite tracks from my debut album."

Listen to the full Reflections Remixes EP below out now on PC Music.

Reflections Remixes

Photography: Hannah Diamond