Hannah Diamond Embodies Digital Isolation on 'Invisible'

Hannah Diamond Embodies Digital Isolation on 'Invisible'

PC Music's original poster girl, Hannah Diamond, has at long last announced that her highly anticipated debut album, Reflection, will arrive November 22nd. After years of teasing, the London-based singer and photographer is finally ready to release her first full-length body of work: a collection of heartbreak pop ballads, both familiar and brand new.

Following singles "Part of Me" with Danny L Harle and last year's "True," Diamond is celebrating the announcement with her newest single "Invisible." The ballad features glossy spartan production wrapped around distant, icy vocals searching for love in the unfeeling landscape of the digital age. Feelings of loneliness and isolation serve as the driving force behind "Invisible," with Diamond pining over an emotionally distant love interest in lyrics like "deep down, I know, she's with you and so I'll just be on my own tonight."

"Invisible" is also accompanied by Diamond's most ambitious music video to date, inserting herself into a futuristic world of cinematic lens flares and wallpapered with billboards starring the pop artist. "The 'Invisible' world represents a hyper-real reflection of real life, mirroring aspects of my day to day," Diamond says. "The sleepy tube journey across London Bridge, a walk through an alternate reality where London is filled with HD billboard images and advertising photographed by me. It explores the processes of constructing my own 'image,' as I work to completely digitize my self to be remembered virtually forever."

Often labeled as being closer to a pop avatar or any singer's simulated hologram, Diamond's genius lies in embracing the uncanny. On the surface, "Invisible" can be taken as being about feeling unseen by a love interest, but it can also be interpreted as a larger metaphor for the ways online existence can make us feel isolated. "I am perpetually surrounded by screens and on display for everyone to see, but paradoxically feel completely invisible to the one person who I wish would notice me," Diamond says. "Daniel [Swan] helped me bring to life a story where I am working towards creating a pixel-perfect digital version of myself as I navigate feeling inadequate in a world dominated by advertising, fame and stardom."

Watch the video for Hannah Diamond's "Invisible" off her forthcoming debut, Reflections, out on PC Music November 22, and stream it, below.

Photography: Hannah Diamond


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