This Lube Company Is Raising Money for Sex Workers via NFTs

This Lube Company Is Raising Money for Sex Workers via NFTs

In the year since its launch, Goodparts has found a strong ally in the sex worker community, serving as both loyal customers and vocal advocates of its signature lube. Now though, the wellness and lifestyle company is trying to give back financially by harnessing the cultural clout of NFTs.

In order to do this, Goodparts is minting eight "lubed up" versions of Brooklyn photographer Benjamin Fredrickson's work, specifically his "wedgie" series. Featuring three different NYC-based sex workers — Jon Ali, Echo Xavier and Sammy Kim— who are simultaneously starting their own businesses or going to school, the photos see them harnessed by the back of their underwear, placed in compositions that are just as striking as they are sensual.

Sold via NFTreats, the use of an NFT marketplace for uncensored and inclusive erotic art keeps in line with Goodparts's desire to support the sex worker community by donating the proceeds to the Urban Justice Center's Sex Worker Project, a nonprofit dedicated to providing resources and protecting sex workers, which is especially important in a post-FOSTA/SESTA world.

"Not only do these individuals provide people with a necessary outlet for sexual exploration and pleasure, but many use their platforms to drive important and nuanced conversations about the industry, sexual politics, and sexuality at large — all under the constant threat of censorship, deplatforming, or even arrest," as Goodparts founder Dave Shanfield said in regards to the rationale behind the sale. As such, the first two NFTs are slated for release on February 2, while the other six will debut on February 8. Each sale will also come with a Goodparts care package and one-month subscriptions to the featured models' OnlyFans.

Prior to bidding though, you can check out a few of the photos below and mark your calendars for January 26, February 3 and February 13, when NFTreats will be facilitating conversations between Frederickson and the models via Twitter Spaces.

Photo by Benjamin Fredrickson / Courtesy of Goodparts