Behind the Scenes of Girlpool's 'Nothing Gives Me Pleasure'

Behind the Scenes of Girlpool's 'Nothing Gives Me Pleasure'

We're all familiar with that very specific kind of longing that comes with unrequited love, the loss of a dream that's raw in its desperation and deadening in its defeat. However, it's made all the more difficult once you come to the realization that you've also lost a part of yourself by trying to become the person you thought they wanted, and Girlpool knows this feeling all too well.

Taken off their upcoming album Forgiveness, "Nothing Gives Me Pleasure" is a languid yet compelling ballad, somber and striking in its vulnerability. Dominated by slow synth lines and glitchy drum machines, it's a track that puts Harmony Tividad's Auto-Tuned vocals centerstage and mirrors the struggle of "trying to love yourself when it feels like no one else will," as the songwriter herself explained.

Avery touching my beautiful lips.

Despite how engaging our exclusive behind-the-scenes photos are, the actual Aerin Moreno-directed video is a grainy, dissociative visual that hammers home the angst, loss and hopelessness that comes with begging someone to love you back. Positioning bandmate Avery Tucker as a disinterested partner who cozies up to other women at a party, a heavily-made up Tividad is virtually unrecognizable in attention-grabbing prosthetics.

Throughout the video, Tividad is the picture of listlessness, unable to engage with anyone else around her — including partygoers like Jordan Firstman, Ali Michael, Bodhi Brooks and Porchia — because she's so fixated on one person whose attention she wants the most. And if there's one thing we can all relate to, it's probably that.

Watch the video for "Nothing Gives Me Pleasure" and stream Girlpool's track, below.

Photos courtesy of Girlpool