Girlpool Says Goodbye

Girlpool Says Goodbye

After nine years together, Girlpool is breaking up.

The rock duo, made up of Avery Tucker and Harmony Tividad, announced the news in a statement. "This upcoming tour will be our last one. It will be an ode to the past, a celebration for the future, and something we will pour both of our hearts into completely," Girlpool wrote, adding they've dropped several dates from the previously scheduled itinerary. "We are each other's biggest fans and always encourage each other to stretch and evolve, whether that means it's alongside one another or not."

Having first formed while Tucker and Tividad were high schoolers in the thick of Los Angeles' DIY scene, Girlpool has undergone several transformations over the span of their four albums. From the lo-fi sound of their debut Before the World Was Big and 2017's Powerplant to the increasingly dark, complex textures of 2019's What Chaos Is Imaginary and their most recent album Forgiveness, the band's confessional approach to songwriting (gender, sexuality and desire) has made the group a standout in its brief tenure.

Tucker, who came out and transitioned between Powerplant and What Chaos, spoke earlier this year about grappling with the difference between Girlpool's initial work and their more recent stuff. "It can be so frustrating to look at the streaming [numbers] and see that Before the World Was Big is getting equal to or more than the new stuff,” Tucker told Rolling Stone. “There’s a part of me that’s like, ‘Oh my God, I feel trapped in my past.’ But we have to trust that there’s some lesson in letting that be."

They continued, "I think being visible is part of the power in Girlpool. Because, for me, there’s shame, a little bit, in that music. It feels embarrassing and it feels really feminine. But there’s also such deep love and sweetness and tenderness, because it was so innocent, and our hearts were so open to one another, and so vulnerable, and we were so young. It’s actually so cool that we were so down to open the fuck up."

Check out the revised set out tour dates, below:

9/6 Sacramento, CA

9/13 Minneapolis, MN

9/14 Chicago, IL

9/16 Detroit, MI

9/17 Toronto, ON

9/18 Montreal, QC

9/19 Boston, MA

9/26 Carrboro, NC

9/27 Atlanta, GA

9/29 Houston, TX

9/30 Austin, TX

10/1 Dallas, TX

10/2 Lawrence, KS

10/4 Denver, CO

10/5 Salt Lake City, UT

Photography: Maddy Rotman for PAPER


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