Fields Is a '70s Heartthrob in New 'Verdugo' Video

Fields Is a '70s Heartthrob in New 'Verdugo' Video

Having opened for the likes of Dorian Electra, VINCINT, Chester Lockhart, Mood Killer, and Kitten all within the past year, it's safe to say that LA-based pop musician Fields is firmly on the rise. With an EP already under his belt, Fields is gearing up for his debut LP with the release of his new single "Verdugo," out today.

Taking its name from the mountains near his LA home, Fields explains that "Verdugo" is very much a product of his surroundings. "Nature and wide open spaces are really important to my music," he says. "Grand views and scenery really informed the feeling I wanted the song to have."

Ultimately, the track is about how blinding love can cause you to spiral out of control. "['Verdugo'] is about falling in love without that strong foundation," Fields says. "You have to be able to count on the people around you, and find love on your own time, not on someone else's."

Working with director Alyssa Angeles, Fields takes inspiration from '70s heartthrobs for a flowery music video. As if Hozier somehow caught up in Kate Bush's video for "Wurthering Heights," Fields sits practically stationary as a variety of scenes swirl around him. From wine-splashed picnics to military photo shoots and lantern-lit frolics, "Verdugo" feels pastoral yet melancholic, taking its time to delicately unfurl before building to its cinematic crescendo.

Stream "Verdugo," below, and follow him on Instagram (@fie1ds).

Photography: Nat Souza