Fashion Week Trend Report: Wet Hair, Don't Care

Fashion Week Trend Report: Wet Hair, Don't Care

Of all the trends that have come out of fashion month (fanny packs, sparkle gear, et al), the one that's easily the most accessible is... wet hair? Yes, that's it, just simple wet hair. Shows from New York to Paris have paired their eye-catching ready-to-wear garb with only minimal makeup and the models' hair dampened. In Chanel's case, the post-shower 'do was really an inspired choice given the aquatic and Earth-influenced attire on display (not to mention the mammoth waterfall the girls walked through). But in the case of shows like McQueen and Fenty x Puma, perhaps they just wanted a taste of the real, rugged, and natural to contrast their intricate designs or compliment the athletic flavor of the show. Sometimes, what fashion needs is a touch of purity and simplicity, especially in the midst of real-life chaos. At least you won't need cash to sport this trend. Flip below for the best uses of wet hair on the runway this season.

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