Fashion Nova Criticized for Stimulus Check Promotion

Fashion Nova Criticized for Stimulus Check Promotion

Fashion Nova is under fire for a recent text promotion that encouraged shoppers to spend their stimulus checks on clothes.

Earlier this week, the popular fast fashion brand sent past customers a text message touting an 80 percent off site-wide sale tied to, "When That Stimulus Deposit Hits."

Though Fashion Nova previously launched a $1 million giveaway with Cardi B for those struggling financially during the pandemic, given the widespread economic turmoil being experienced and the fact that the majority of Americans are using the government's $1200 stimulus checks to buy basic necessities like food, gas, and paying bills, the retailer's latest marketing tactic was quickly labeled "insensitive" and "ignorant" by customers on Twitter.

"Uhhh all we get for the foreseeable future is $1200 so go away Fashion Nova I have groceries to buy," as one person wrote, while another pointed out that, "The stimulus isn't for shopping its for people who need it during such hard times, this is so ignorant."

Fashion Nova has yet to respond to the backlash.

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