Emily Uribe Faked It, and Officially Made It

Emily Uribe Faked It, and Officially Made It

by Bailey Richards

When you Google “Emily Uribe,” the search engine says that people also ask: “Why is Emily Uribe famous?” To make a long story very short, the 22-year-old TikToker faked it till she made it. Don’t worry, she didn’t do it in an Anna Sorokin-girl boss-con artist-y sort of way. Uribe has always been open about who she is and her acting aspirations, posting TikToks emulating celebrity interviews in the ultimate act of career manifestation.

Uribe started posting on the app during quarantine — who didn’t? — and now has nearly 1 million followers. Earlier this year, she co-hosted TikTok’s Oscars live stream from the red carpet, an increasingly familiar setting to the influencer, who has now attended nearly a dozen movie and show premieres.

This week, the Salinas-born TikToker celebrated yet another series premiere — for Chicken Girls: College Years — but things were a little different this time around. The Brat TV spin-off show marks the start of Uribe’s long-awaited transition from red carpet attendee to actress.

In between sniffles from a cold she brought back from a recent trip to New York, Uribe put her mock interview experience to use, chatting with PAPER about her Chicken Girls role, her stint as a One Direction fan account and what it’s like being the only person whose favorite Glee character is Rachel Berry.

What were you doing in New York? Business or pleasure?

That was for fun. We went to visit the Statue of Liberty. I went, I saw, I waved and that was it. She held up her fire and I looked at her and I said “slay.” The day that I was supposed to get [to New York] — I had to go back to LA so I didn't go — everyone saw Wicked. I was so pissed. And then Funny Girl, I'm going back [to see it] in September. Lea Michele? I'm seated.

Are you a Gleek?

Oh, absolutely I am. My favorite character on the show is Rachel Berry.


Oh, absolutely.

Talk to me about that. I've never met anyone in my entire career as a Gleek who says their favorite character is Rachel.

I love her for her talent. I don't love Lea Michele. I think she's not a good person. But I do like Rachel Berry before season 5. They foiled her character because if there was one thing she was going to do, it was get her dream. No matter what she had to do, no matter who she had to cross, she was going to make it. I like to think that I’m like that. I'm going to do whatever it takes to get to where I want to be, even if I'm in a depressed era, even if I'm sad, even if I'm broke. I am going to get to where I need to be because I want it. I want it bad.

The last time we talked, you had 80,000 TikTok followers. Now, you're almost at a million. That is insane.

I don't think about it too much. If I think about it too much, it's just gonna make me really sad... in a good way. It's gonna make me really sappy and I'm only sappy twice a year. The best thing about it is getting to meet people. I love meeting new people. I love making new friends.

It was a big deal when you transitioned from @missticketmaster to just Emily Uribe. Was that just a username change? Do we still see @missticketmaster in some of your content today?

I talk about [@missticketmaster] in the third person all the time because she was so happy. @missticketmaster truly lived a life of peace and had no care in the world. I miss her. I miss being that carefree. When I changed my name, I think I knew people weren't going to take me seriously regardless, but I also didn't want to get sued. Ticketmaster could potentially reach out and be like, “Delete that. Get out.” That was the first thought. I’d get DMs like, “Do you work for Ticketmaster? Can you help me with this?” And I’d fuck around and be like, “If you just go to their help page, that's where you'll get your permit.”

Someone asked me, “Did you change your name for fame?” No. I was a Harry Styles stan account. What fame was I going to get? One BuzzFeed article? Are you crazy? No. I'm happy with what I changed it to.

So much growth has happened since. From the outside, it looks like fun and games and insane opportunities. Are there any downsides to this new platform?

I think it's just getting used to people giving their opinion that you didn't ask for on everything you do. I'm not famous at all. But I want to be an actress and getting everyone's opinion on how bad I am or how terrible I am or the other comments I get is very overwhelming. I sit there and I'm like, “Well, damn, is this something I should even do anymore? People clearly don't like me.”

I'm also getting used to people not liking you. In high school and as @missticketmaster I was so carefree. I really minded my business. I truly didn't really care. And now I'm really cautious of how people see me or how people think of me. I take what everyone says to heart because that's how I've been since I was little. I'm trying to work on it. It's so hard not to respond to every comment because I am combative. Even if I cry, I'm going to be confrontational. So it's just been harder to be told, “Don't respond. If you don't respond, it's gonna go away.” But it hasn't gone away. So I have to somehow be okay with it.

Do you ever miss the retail job and One Direction days?

Absolutely. I think I had a bit more fun in my personal life. I just wasn't as sad all the time. In reality, there are so many good moments and amazing opportunities like the events and the Oscars. So much fun. But quite literally I am always sad. I'm always thinking like, “Well, this is terrible, people are gonna hate this,” or I think of the worst scenario before I think of anything good. Even announcing the Brat TV show [Chicken Girls: College Years], what I expected to happen happened. People were like, “That sucks. Why are you doing this? That's terrible.” Or the Zach Sang interview, people were like, “Who is this? Does she think she's famous.” I already expected this and I'm already sad about it, so I might as well just be sad before it even happens.

That’s horrible.

And it didn't use to be like that. I think in my retail days I just did whatever. I was so happy. I posted. I loved the interview videos. Now I feel like, “Well, damn, it just doesn't feel the same.” I don't know if it's the audience shift. I don't know if it's like my personal feelings towards it. I think many other content creators can speak to it. If you're always happy and a content creator, you are a liar. You lie, you lie, you lie.

I don't know if you saw it, but there was ani-D article Rayne Fisher-Quann wrote about getting “woman'd,” which is something that happens to a female influencer, actress, anyone, where people get so excited for you, and then all of a sudden everyone turns on you and discards you. I’m not explaining it well, but...

Yeah, I get what you mean. I do think that happened. It's just so fascinating to see people on Twitter say, “I could do what she was doing but even better. I don't know why she's getting this.” And I'm like, “Well, then go do it.” The shift that happened was so odd. Compared to when I posted about going to the Eternals premiere [Uribe’s first premiere] and [hosting the TikTok live stream at] the Oscars to doing anything now. People are just like, “Why are you invited? Why are you going?”

I remember everyone rooting for you when you were making mock interview videos and manifesting being an actress. But now that you're actually on the brink of doing that and you're in these projects and going to these premieres, the support isn't there. It's crazy.

Yeah, the community I built where people are really supportive and all the friends that I've made like have been so kind, but it's just so fascinating to see what people really think at the end of the day when they see you actually doing what you wanted versus when you were just in your kitchen doing whatever the fuck.

When you were in that era, your Claire’s era — your Claire-a — you were selling jewelry and accessories and now people style you for red carpets. What’s that been like?

Oh my gosh. I used to pierce ears at Claire's. I used to pierce these three-month-olds. It was so annoying. I hated that part of the job. It was so bad. I would always tell the parents, “You know, your insurance covers your pediatrician. Don’t do that.”

Headline of this story: Emily Uribe hates babies.

Oh my gosh, which is funny. I actually am not a fan of kids. It's so hard for me to vibe with children because I'll be like, “What do you guys do?”

But first of all, I have a great stylist, Mariah Galston, my love. I think I do a really good job also styling myself. She's really taught me how to dress my body, how to wear things that are flattering.

Do you have a favorite look? One of my favorites was the Moonfall moon — I need to know the story behind that one.

My favorite look personally has been either the Oscars... I want to one day buy that dress and archive it and keep it forever because I loved it. It was a Maria Lucia Hohan. It was beautiful. I always want to wear designers who are of color or designers who aren't just from the US. I love American fashion and I love American designers but for me having POC things on me is so important. So I'd say the Oscars dress was probably my favorite. That or the Moschino vest I wore for Nope.

For Moonfall, Lionsgate reached out and was like, “Hey, we have this really funny idea. We think you'd be absolutely perfect for it.” They were like, “We've seen your interview content. What if you came out and pretended to be the moon from Moonfall? I was a bit skeptical because I also don't want to just be made fun of. I was like, “Oh my gosh, I don't know if people are gonna think I'm stupid but it's an opportunity to network, to meet people.” And I thought, “You know what? Fuck it, I'm gonna do it.”

You hosted the Oscars TikTok live stream and talked to so many cool celebrities, then you met Billie Eilish at Coachella... what celebrity was the most fun to meet?

When I met Billie, oh, I felt so embarrassed. I was like, “Please can I get a photo with you? I hope I'm not being a bother.” And she was like, “No, you're not.” And I was like, “Okay, okay.” I always feel like a bother going up to people. But I think my favorite celebrity that I met was probably Timothée Chalamet.

That is crazy.

That was crazy. We stayed at the same hotel in LA and I got to chat with him after [the Oscars]. We both got our cars to go to different afterparties. But I was like, “Hey, I interviewed you earlier, just wanted to say you were so lovely and he was like, “Oh my god. Thank you. I remember because you told me I had something here.” [motions to her mouth] I was like, “Oh, you remembered that? I hoped you’d forgotten.” He was very lovely.

Tell me about your new role in Chicken Girls: College Years.

It’s a spin-off of the original long-running Chicken Girls. It's a very fun project. We shot for a month and I got to meet Indiana [Massara], all of the girls, Mads [Madison Lewis] and everybody. They were so lovely. My character's name is Sabina. She is sporty, athletic and a lacrosse player. She's very empathetic. She's like Rooney’s [Indiana Massara’s character] comfort friend. She's very loyal. It was fun to play someone like that because I don't think I myself have a lot of empathy. I’m an Aquarius, a [Sagittarius] moon and a [Sagittarius] rising, so it’s very hard for me to [laughs].

So the acting was in full gear.

Oh yeah, I had to pull out all the stops. Love Sabina, love the show, love the girls, and I'm really excited for everyone to see it. I know that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life if I could. I really want to keep going.

This was the first thing that you submitted a tape for and got it, your first role ever?

I've done student films before. But yeah, this was like my first time ever really working with a network and having the TV fitting for all your clothes and approved outfits. It was a totally new experience that I want to repeat again.

How did this experience compare to TikTok acting? What was it like being on a set versus just being at home and propping up your phone to film?

Oh my gosh, for one, TikTok acting is not at all real acting. This was so different. I like to be directed. I need to be told, “Do this.” And it was so cool to work with a female director for my first-ever big project.

It sounds like Sabina is more of a side character and maybe she's not getting the most development. I know you said you do want to do more roles, possibly bigger characters — what is your dream role?

If they ever bring her into the [Marvel Cinematic Universe], Polaris. My dream, dream, dream character. She’s an X-Men, she’s a mutant, she's just so fucking cool. Should I want better for myself? Absolutely. But I want to live out my dream of working on these huge blue screen projects for these Marvel movies. That's my ultimate goal.

You’re open about loving Marvel, One Direction, etc. but I didn't know you were a Glee fan until today — do you have any more secret fandoms you’re part of?

Dance Moms. I was a Dance Moms stan. I've gotten to meet Maddie and Mackenzie and Melissa. They are like royalty to me. Oh, Real Housewives fandom. I'm Real Housewives of New Jersey stan, that is my favorite besides Atlanta. Also music-wise, I love a lot of Latino music. I love reggaeton. I love Karol G, Becky G, Natti Natasha... a lot of those fandoms I don't speak enough about. I am all for being open about it because the more open you are, I think it makes it so much more fun for everybody else.

I think you missed one really important one. It starts with an “m”...

I’m forgetting.

I was thinking Minions.

Of course. That was because it wasn't a secret. We love the Minions unironically, ironically. There are so many things the Minions could do. In my head, they're my clients and I have brand deals galore.

They've been getting their bag recently, like the Levi's collab?

Illumination put those little bitches everywhere. Like, can I get five more of those little blonde bitches?

And you went to the premiere [of Minions: The Rise of Gru] — wait, did you meet the Minions at the premiere?

I met the Minions. They had Otto, Stuart, Kevin and Bob out. It was lovely. Not to ruin the magic but I know those people in those suits were hot. I remember I talked to a rep from Illumination at the afterparty and they were like, “The other day, Steve Carell and the Minions were out and they went to hide in the bush with the actors and all you saw was limbs everywhere.”

Do you have a favorite Minion?

I like to think I’m like Kevin. I love Kevin. I think he's so fun. He's like the leader because he's the smartest one and he fully knows what he's doing. What's your favorite?

My favorite is Bob. I just love him. Not Minion-related, but I stumbled across something incredible while researching for this. I stumbled across your YouTube channel, the “Starships” video.

I knew you were going to say that [laughs].

Are you a Barb?

I have to say, I'm Bardigang and I'm a Barb. We can coexist. Because I do love Cardi B's music. I'm sorry, I'm gonna give her flowers for “Bodak Yellow.” But I do love Ms. Nicki's music. I always will. I remember I recorded that video in my aunt's house. You can see me looking around to make sure she wasn’t coming because then I would’ve had to shut it down. I forgot that was uploaded until someone DMd me and I was like, “You're fucking lying.” It's funny now.

That's gonna be your Timmy Tim “Roman's Revenge” moment.

All actors are Barbs, like Millie Bobby Brown

So true. The Venn Diagram of actors and Barbs, the middle just keeps growing…

It really does.

Watch the first episode of Chicken Girls: College Years, below.

Photos courtesy of Emily Uribe