Emily Ratajkowski Was 100 Pounds During 'Really Scary' Weight Loss

Emily Ratajkowski Was 100 Pounds During 'Really Scary' Weight Loss

Emily Ratajkowski revealed that she recently got "down to 100 pounds" during a "really scary" period of weight loss.

On this week's episode of her High Low With EmRatapodcast, the supermodel sat down with Mia Khalifa to talk about the former adult entertainer's relationship to the internet, sex work and the lasting effects of trauma, during which Ratajkowski spoke about her own experience with the latter.

"I think trauma lives in the body. That's been my experience," she said, prior to explaining that weight loss is her stress response.

"I actually go the other way—when I'm really unwell, I lose so much weight," as Ratajkowski continued. "I was down to 100 pounds recently and it was really, really scary."

Just for reference, the US Department of Health & Human Services considers somewhere between 118 and 159 pounds a "healthy weight" for women who are 5'7", meaning that Ratajkowski's BMI at the time was only 15.7. With this new context though, the star's experience makes sense, seeing as how several of her personal issues have attracted tons of media attention.

For the past few months, Ratajkowski has been the center of attention, as she filed for divorce back in September from estranged husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, with whom she shares 20-month-old son, Sylvester Apollo Bear. Not only that, but the I Feel Pretty actress has also been making headlines thanks to her rumored romance with former SNL comedian Pete Davidson, who recently broke up with reality television superstar Kim Kardashian after nine months of dating.

That said, EmRata alluded that things were starting to get better, adding that "now [she's] gained weight."

She added, "For me, it's a huge game-changer, and it's how I know I'm happy."

Listen to Ratajkowski talk about her experience via Apple Podcasts below.

Photo via Getty / John Shearer