Hollywood's It Doctor Is Bringing Her Facials to New York

Hollywood's It Doctor Is Bringing Her Facials to New York

Skincare has turned into the most lucrative business in the beauty realm and everyone wants in. But despite large claims, not every brand gets the complex science behind creating a product that'll actually work.

Dr. Barbara Sturm has emerged as an outlier in that sense with her years of aesthetic medical practice that is ultimately mirrored within her work and coveted range of products currently retailed at Net-A-Porter, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, among others.

Dr Barbara Sturm

From Kim Kardashian to Bella Hadid, everyone is a fan. She doesn't need expensive marketing to sell her products either; the results speak for themselves, or so her devoted customers claim.

What started with a "Kobe Procedure" (named after client Kobe Bryant) or now known as the Vampire Facial, has now elevated her into the ultimate game-changer in the skincare business.

Over the past few months itself, Dr. Sturm has launched a number of successful products including her highly anticipated Clarifying line that features a Clarifying Face Mask, Clarifying Serum, Clarifying Face Cream, and Clarifying Spot Treatment.

She's now bringing her "molecular and science-based approach" to her first independent flagship store in New York.
Standing tall at the Zero Bond Street in the NoHo district of Manhattan, the store will act as "an interactive space that allows customers to browse products and have an in person retail experience with the brand."

Dr Barbara Sturm in New York

Along with stocking some of her most beloved products including the Glow Drops,  Brightening Serum, Face Cream, and the Super Anti-Aging Serum, customers will also be able to try her range of "non surgical anti aging treatments" and facials otherwise only available at her Dusseldorf clinic. These include The Brightening Facial, Super Anti-Aging Treatment, Darker Skin Treatment, an Instant Glow Facial and even a Clarifying Facial that targets acne and blemishes.

"We offer all of my facials there and you can come in and get skin analysis and recommendation regarding your skin," explains Dr. Sturm. "We are very focused on education."

"My products are like my children; I created each of them for a reason and I don't pick favorites."

Does she have a favorite? "My products are like my children; I created each of them for a reason and I don't pick favorites," she explains. "My Hyaluronic Serum (and Super Anti-Aging Serum) are products I don't leave home without, and I am often saved by my Face Mask and Glow Drops."

Formerly an orthopedic surgeon, Sturm debuted her first product in 2003. Despite the steep price point, her products continue to be sold out across online channels. It's only natural that the celebrity 'it' doctor now wants to expand her business.

But as retail continues to adapt to a more digital model and brands call time on their physical presence, it seems a little risky to move into the brick and mortar space. Dr. Sturm, however, has a plan.

"Anti-Aging Body Cream" by Dr. Barbara Sturm

"In 2018, I did 17 pop-up spas around the world. This was geared towards my patients and VIPs during events like Cannes Film Festival, the Oscars, Art Basel, Met Ball, Paris Fashion Week," she explains. "These pop-ups created intense demand and I really wanted to make my facials, products, philosophy and education available to the public. And New York felt like the obvious place to launch my permanent Boutique and Spa concept."

The New York location will further welcome "people of all ages," meaning even babies and kids who can shop her "Mini Molecular collection" crafted without fragrance and harmful ingredients.

Designed by German architect and Dr. Sturm's brother Tobias Freytag, technology and innovation are at the heart of the new physical outpost, with a "discovery table" for customers to sample products they haven't tried before and interactive videos that display more information about the new lines. Consumers will also have the opportunity to interact with experts on-site to see what products are right for them and create a customized skincare routine of their themselves.

As for Dr. Sturm's own skincare routine, she says it's fairly simple: "I live my life on the go and my routine is simple by necessity. I use my foam Cleanser (enzyme cleanser twice a week), and follow it with my Hyaluronic Serum in the morning (Super Anti-Aging Serum for rejuvenation at night) and then my MC1 cream. I use my Face Mask quite religiously, and my Glow Drops to get some pop. I take all my supplements daily, and use Anti-Pollution Drops when I am in Asia, LA and urban areas."

The Dr. Barbara Sturm Boutique and Spa opens May 16th. To know more about the services or book an appointment, click here.

Photos courtesy of Dr. Barbara Sturm/Spa image courtesy of Tobias Freytag