The Creator of Vampire Facials Wants to Banish Your Blemishes

The Creator of Vampire Facials Wants to Banish Your Blemishes

Dr. Barbara Sturm has established herself as the ultimate game changer of celebrity skincare routines. With a molecular and science-based approach, her products have acquired a cult status among the likes of Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid.

Now the progenitor of vampire facials has launched a full blown Clarifying Collection specifically designed to diminish and eradicate blemishes and acne for good. The highly anticipated collection features a Clarifying Face Mask, Clarifying Serum, Clarifying Face Cream, and Clarifying Spot Treatment.

Unlike most acne treatments and products that tend to completely dry the skin out, Sturm's line is focused on a calming and balancing effect for an overall healthy appearance.

The products also claim to make a drastic difference in the complexion, including minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through a "mattifying" effect.

Clarifying Face Mask ($145)

In order to achieve that, however, the brand recommends routinely following a four step formula.

Starting with the Clarifying Mask, which comes infused with sunflower seed oil and balloon vine, it works to improve the skin's moisture barrier properties while balancing the pH levels.

Then on to the Clarifying Serum, which is formulated to sooth and nourish the skin with its anti-oxidative compounds.

This should be followed by the Clarifying Face Cream, which acts as an anti aging moisturizer specifically designed to target your blemishes.

Lastly, top it up with the Clarifying Spot Treatment, which is enriched with tea tree oil and zinc, targeting any impending breakouts.

All the products are priced pretty high, so you could chose to start with the spot treatment to test it out or if you only have specific complaints.

Since there is no 'one product fits all skin type' formula, Sturm also recommends introducing a couple of products from the line into your regular skincare routine, and see how that works.

The Dr. Barbara Sturm Clarifying Collection is priced between $54 and $250, and is available to shop here.

Photo courtesy of Dr Barbara Sturm