Dorian Electra Has a Full on Broment

Dorian Electra Has a Full on Broment

Dorian Electra is back with their first single since their debut album, Flamboyant, with "Sorry Bro (I Love You)." Co-written with Mood Killer and produced by Dylan Brady and Count Baldor, Electra's latest bite-sized single is an ode to just lovin' the homies.

Full of medieval harpsichords, ravey synths and a blown-out dubstep trap beat, "Sorry Bro (I Love You)" feels like quintessential Electra with its blend of campy, irreverent lyricism and over-the-top hyperpop sounds. The track sees Electra once again tackling toxic masculine tropes with a homoerotic lens, this time using the hypermasculine shorthand of the cliché "bro" to profess their love.

"Sorry Bro (I Love You)" arrives alongside a new equally zany visual that features Electra pumping iron in their driveway, cruising around in their big truck and cracking open a cold one with the boys. Directed by Electra and longtime collaborator, Weston Allen, the muscle jock-paced "Sorry Bro (I Love You)" feels like a queer re-imagining of some lost Kevin Federline or Yelawolf video, but that doesn't somehow miraculously leave you with the taste of a protein shake in your mouth or smell of Axe body spray.

At the end of the day, if you take anything away from "Sorry Bro (I Love You)" let it be as Dorian Electra puts it, "Sometimes you realize that you're just in love with one of your bros." Watch the full video for "Sorry Bro (I Love You)" below.

Still courtesy of Dorian Electra


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